4 listopada 2010

not.a.plastic.girl is one year old!

so this is it, my blog is one year old and i can't believe that it happened so quickly. to celebrate i decided to take photos in the same place and at the same part of the day as my first photos on this blog are. i must say that i am not very happy with the easthethic part of my blog but i hope that some day there will be a person with passion that would like to take a photos of me. so this is the most important wish that i'm making today for my blog and myself.  

as for what i am wearing, i recently bought this sweater in second hand shop for...2zł. i can't believe now that i was even thinking if i should take it or not as now i want to wear it all the time and i am not a person who would wear the same clothes in a row. the sweater is very comfortable and it could be worn with almost everything. i am thinking of living in it until the spring comes.

sweater- sh
trousers- top secret
belt, bag- vintage
shoes- ryłko
brooch- vintage
earings- diy
bracelet- top secret

5 komentarzy:

Aquamarine pisze...

Świetna torba :)

Biurowa pisze...

Gratuluję, życzę wytrwałości i sukcesów :)

no-baa pisze...

gratuluje urodzin. Ja na razie mam 5 msc i choć non stop brakuje fotografa, czuje się dobrze ;)

Te kolczyki, wydają się być super, na prawdę sama robiłaś?

not.a.plastic.girl pisze...


a kolczyki robiłam sama i mogę zdradzić, że są z...guzików choć wcale nie wyglądają na to:).

justynjja.collection pisze...

Fajna stylizacja superancka torba